Strategic Priorities

The PepsiCo Foundation collaborates with best-in-class grant partners to support PepsiCo in the achievement of four of its Performance with Purpose goals.

Increase Positive Nutrition
Provide access to at least 3 billion servings of nutritious foods and beverages to underserved communities and consumers, through a variety of channels and programs supported by the PepsiCo Foundation — with an increasing focus on products that are locally sourced and produced, and readily accessible.

See case studies of our work in these areas here.

Work to Achieve Positive Water Impact
Provide access to safe water to a total of 25 million people since 2006 in the world’s most at-water-risk areas.

Reduce and Eliminate Waste
Increase packaging recovery and recycling rates.   

Spur Prosperity
Invest $100 million to support initiatives to benefit at least 12.5 million women and girls around the world, with focus on enabling 1.5 million young women to progress through school and be successful in the workforce.  

Since 2005, PepsiCo, and its foundation have donated more than $900 million USD in cash and product to agencies working in these priority areas. Some examples of our partnerships include:

As part of PepsiCo’s continued commitment to Performance with Purpose, the PepsiCo Foundation has empowered employees to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and families around the world. The Foundation has given a $1 million USD grant to Kiva, a non-profit organization that enables people to lend money to entrepreneurs in need, in a groundbreaking partnership called “Spark a Future.” The grant has been divided into thousands of $25 USD credits that employees can loan – at no cost to themselves – to any borrower of their choice.

Since the global launch of Spark a Future in early 2016, PepsiCo employees from 60 countries have made loans to borrowers in 56 countries. Almost 80% of the recipients are women, and the majority are working in food or agriculture or taking out education loans. Over the course of five years, the funds will be lent and repaid many times, helping tens of thousands of women to spark a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Children with the Los Angeles Plaza de la Cultura y Artes gather to learn from the PepsiCo Foundation about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Plaza de la Cultura y Artes, a PepsiCo Foundation $1 million USD grant has supported the development and of an "Edible Teaching Garden" and Culinary Arts Program in the heart of Los Angeles.

The program seeks to teach Mexican and Mexican-American children about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in an imaginative way, as they learn about Mexican-American history and culture.

The 30,000 square foot Edible Teaching Garden features a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Daily food and nutrition classes are held to educate children living in the surrounding area, many of whom live below the poverty line. Tools are also provided that enable participating children to bring information home to their families.

The program is fun and engaging, and challenges children to assume personal ownership of their health through smart food choices.

Through the partnership, more than 7,000 students to date have received transportation to the center and cultural and educational experiences.

PepsiCo employees speak to The Earth Institute’s Columbia Water Center.

In 2008, the PepsiCo Foundation provided a $6 million USD grant to The Earth Institute's Columbia Water Center (CWC) to support a number of water initiatives designed to bring safe water to underserved communities in water stressed.

Through the extraordinary efforts of strategic grant partners such as the CWC, which facilitate collaboration with communities, farmers, universities, corporations and government agencies, the Foundation has supported the development, testing and delivery of innovative and low-cost solutions to water scarcity challenges around the world.

By the end of 2012, these initiatives had provided safe water to more than 3 million people in Brazil, China, India and Mali. Through our continued efforts, PepsiCo seeks to partner to provide access to safe water to an additional 3 million people by the end of 2015.


Diplomas Now

The PepsiCo Foundation is the founding private-sector investor in Diplomas Now, a program that "helps the toughest middle and high schools in America's largest cities ensure that students graduate ready for college or career. It is the first fully integrated approach that improves a school's curriculum and instruction while it provides the right students with the right support at the right time."

Diplomas Now works with schools to match each at-risk student with a caring adult who has the capability and tools to improve student achievement levels. For students requiring more assistance, Diplomas Now helps form support groups and connects them with community resources that can assist with counseling, health care, housing, food and clothing.

As a result of this proven, nationally-recognized program:

  • students receive a diploma that can propel them forward to the next stage of their lives;
  • teachers are able to focus on teaching because they are aided by adults who support students' social and emotional needs; and
  • schools are able to raise achievement scores and graduation rates.

2017 Global Citizenship Giving

In Millions

PepsiCo Foundation 31.4
Corporate Contributions* 7.7
Division Contributions 12.7
Division Estimated In-Kind 57.1

 Total ** 108.9

* Corporate Contributions includes estimated in-kind donations of $0.4 million. 

2017 Foundation Disbursements

In Millions

Product 4.3
Planet 3.2
People 0.8
Diversity and Engagement  2.0
Community Investment - Other 2.3
Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Support 7.7
Employee Pro-Bono & Volunteering 0.4
Matching Gifts & Employee Scholarships

  Total ** 31.4

** Does not sum due to rounding

Please click here for information about requesting support, including product donations and program sponsorships. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept or respond to unsolicited proposals for PepsiCo Foundation funding. 

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