PepsiCo’s global employee referral program is launching careers and kickstarting dreams. Not just because it brings talented new employees to the company; it also helps people in need achieve a prosperous future.

Through the program, PepsiCo employees who successfully refer new hires are invited to help decide where the PepsiCo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of PepsiCo, will allocate U.S.$10,000 per month in Kiva loans. Kiva, an international non-profit organization, connects borrowers to lending that can help them access food and shelter, go to school, pay for medicine, or even start a small business.

Since the initiative launched last year, PepsiCo has garnered over 1,000 new hires from employee referrals in 52 countries. As a result, the PepsiCo Foundation has released more than U.S.$100,000 in Kiva loans (as of July), assisting over 500 borrowers in 30 countries. More than half of the recipients have been women.

One woman to benefit from the program is Betty, a wife and mother of three children, who lives in Uganda and owns a nursery school. She set the nursery up with her own savings but she is getting more and more new pupils each year, which has created a need to expand the school. The Kiva loan has helped build more classrooms to provide a better learning environment and education to more local children.

“It’s exciting to see our employee referral program helping us to hire great people, while strengthening our relationship with Kiva to benefit local communities,” says Sheila Stygar, vice president of global talent acquisition. “It’s an initiative that we hope to sustain for many years to come,” adds Sheila.

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