We’re talking to PepsiCo employees across the world to learn more about their passions and how they’re propelling their life’s work forward at PepsiCo. We met with Jose María Bagnardi, Market unit leader – Foods, Santiago de Chile, Chile, to find out how his talent coupled with PepsiCo’s stage has helped him make a lasting impact on the company.

What makes PepsiCo the ideal place for someone with your skills?

The people here are so amazingly talented. We’ve got world-class marketing teams, exceptional sales and production organizations, some of the very best finance people. And then there’s me. I could be described as the orchestra conductor. Each role here, each function, represents a unique instrument. It’s my job to help them all perform beautiful music together.

As they say in Spanish, “Yo se poco de mucho, pero mucho de nada.” Meaning, I know a little about many things but I'm not an expert in one matter. For me, personal success is all about bringing out the very best in each person I work with, providing them with an opportunity to shine.

Why do you feel you’re good at that?  

A couple of things, really: I love working with people and helping them in their career growth. But I believe a lot has to do with my endless curiosity; I really like learning new things. I try to find out all I can about each function here, I try to learn to “play all the instruments.” Then when someone really talented hears me, they say, "Hey, this guy could sure use my help.”

They can see that even though I may not be the best violinist, I’m really trying to understand just what it means to play the violin. When they realize how much what they do matters to me personally, well, it makes it easier for us to trust and push each other to do our best. 

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Launching Pepsi in Paraguay, without a doubt. We’d been out of that market for 10 years. When I arrived, there were just two people working for our new bottler, two people on the commercial side. My job was to build out a full operation that meets our high PepsiCo standards in the fastest way possible.

When I left after 10 intense months, we had established a strong team to support the business, we’d garnered significant market share, and Pepsi brand awareness was at a high. It turned out to be a wonderful experience.

What’s your favorite product?

I love Lay’s Sensaciones, all the different flavors. Whenever people are coming over to my house, I tell them, “Don’t bring drinks, don’t bring snacks. I’ve got you covered.” Then I break out some Pepsi and Lay’s Sensaciones and the smiles light up. That pair is perfect together any time.  

Any advice for teammates just starting out?

Stay happy. Me, I'm a happy guy, I love what I do. Every day I wake up I say, "Hey, today is my day." Working here at PepsiCo has a lot to do with that.

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