Top Global Brands

Our 22 iconic, billion-dollar brands. These are the flagship food and beverages that make us uniquely PepsiCo.

For nutrition information and more visit: PepsiCo Beverage Facts and Frito-Lay

Good For You

We take Good For You seriously, with nutritious food and beverages in line with global dietary requirements. But don't worry, at PepsiCo, Good For You also means great tastes!

Better For You

Who says that satisfying your taste buds means you can't be sensible? Our Better For You brands are just the right blend of delicious and nutritious.

Did You Know?

Our Global Nutrition Group drives innovation and brand development in the growing tasty nutrition space.

Fun For You

Sometimes, the best thing you can give your cravings is exactly what they want. These are the food and beverages your taste buds will appreciate.

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