People are PepsiCo’s greatest asset. We believe in building a workforce that reflects the diverse consumers and communities we serve. Diversity and engagement is core to our company’s values and how we operate as a global corporate citizen. A key driver of  our company vision, Performance with Purpose, diversity and engagement helps create sustainable advantage for us.

PepsiCo has a strong legacy of leading in diversity practices starting in the 1940s by breaking the color barrier and hiring African American salespeople, in the 50s as the first major company to have a woman on its Board, to the 80s where we pioneered multicultural marketing. Together, with their different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, our people are building on this legacy and creating our future across the countries, markets and territories in which we operate.



PepsiCo’s Strength is Our People

PepsiCo values an inclusive workplace culture that appreciates different perspectives, builds employee engagement, fosters creativity and fuels innovation.

As a global company, we work in countries with a broad array of laws and regulations. But regardless of where we operate, we take care to respect the diversity, talents and abilities of all.

We define diversity as all the unique characteristics that make up each of us: personality, lifestyle, thought processes, work experience, ethnicity, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or other differences.

PepsiCo has a strong commitment to increasing female participation in the workforce, and we strive to increase the number of women leaders within PepsiCo through recruiting and development initiatives around the world.

Our teams are stronger whenever and wherever women are present.

To guide us on this journey, PepsiCo is an endorser of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles–Equality Means Business. The Principles offer insight to companies with regard to empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

The Pinnacle Group

The Pinnacle Group, launched in 2011 in the United States, is a strong example of our efforts to grow the number of female leaders. The organization was created as a way to increase retention of PepsiCo female sales talent, and strengthen and diversify our future leadership pipeline.

The program selects female sales associates with strong performance records and provides them with career development, leadership training and mentoring opportunities with senior sales leaders.


PepsiCo Partnership Provides
Opportunities to Colombian Women

In Belén de Umbriá, Colombia, job opportunities for women heads of households, including single mothers, are not easy to come by -- especially jobs that can support the needs of a family. Learn how our partnership with a Colombian agricultural co-op provides jobs and lifts living standards for local women.


In the United States, Valor, one of eleven employee resource groups at PepsiCo, supports veterans, the military and their families as they transition from the military to the civilian workforce. On Memorial Day, PepsiCo truck drivers paid tribute to the nation’s (and the company’s) war veterans with “Rolling Remembrance,” a 5,400-mile journey from California to New York to transport an American flag once flown on an Afghanistan combat mission.

In markets around the world, PepsiCo is committed to providing individuals with disabilities with equal opportunity and treatment.In Colombia, for example, PepsiCo implemented “Growing Together, a Journey with Our Hearing-Impaired Team,” an innovative program developed with the help of 40 hearing-impaired associates who developed solutions for their own needs, offering ongoing sign language training for associates, executive forums, and new partnerships with institutions that will allow training, certification and opportunities for hearing-impaired associates.

Thompson Fellowship 2016 Summer Speaker Series

To promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, we have instituted our Law Department Policy for the Selection of Legal Services.

We also support the implementation of the American Bar Association Resolution 113 to expand and create opportunities for diverse attorneys through a variety of initiatives, including adaptation of the ABA’s Model Diversity Survey to collect information about the firms and lawyers we engage.

Using the information provided in the surveys, we use a weighted formula to generate a Diversity Index Score (“DIS”) that numerically measures diversity of their U.S. offices in the following categories: minorities (ethnic/racial), LGBT, and women. This initiative provides a baseline for us to measure our progress towards diversifying outside counsel and the progress firms are making each year. Those firms that earn a DIS above the median in comparison to their peers are recognized at our Outside Counsel Diversity Recognition Day held at PepsiCo’s Headquarters in Purchase, New York. At our recent Recognition Day in April, we recognized 16 law firms who had some of the best metrics and demonstrated an exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion through qualitative efforts. Take a look at the recap video: PepsiCo Outside Counsel Diversity Recognition Day.

Furthermore, we are proud to honor our former general counsel Larry Thompson by launching a summer fellowship designed to promote diversity in the legal profession and advance PepsiCo’s commitment to supporting the development of professionals from diverse backgrounds. To learn more about this program, watch our video.

To recognize individuals within PepsiCo who actively support greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we have created two internal honors:

The Harvey C. Russell Inclusion Award reflects Russell's leadership, perseverance and commitment to continuous improvement, along with his key role in helping create the foundation upon which PepsiCo's diversity initiative is built. In 2016, 71 recipients were honored for their outstanding achievements in diversity and inclusion.

The Global Steve Reinemund Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Legacy Award recognizes PepsiCo senior staff who model exemplary leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Award recipients inspire and move PepsiCo to new levels of achievement in diversity and inclusion through their words and actions.


PepsiCo’s Global Anti-Harassment Anti-Discrimination Policy sets forth a zero-tolerance policy toward any type of harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability or veteran status, or any other protected category under applicable law.

This includes harassment by other employees and third persons encountered at work, including customers, visitors or vendors of PepsiCo. The policy provides additional information to define harassing conduct to ensure that all associates understand the ground rules.

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